CICSA chain shackles manufactured according to the DIN 745 standard connect bucket attachments with chain ends DIN 764 or chain ends DIN 766

Chain shackles DIN 745 connect bucket attachments with chain ends DIN 764 or chain ends DIN 766. They are easy to assemble with calibrated distance plates and nuts, which must be tightened with a suitable blocking system.

The main characteristics of chain shackles DIN 745 are: CICSA chain shackles DIN 745

  • Forged with C45 or alloyed steel for the type 2H, and with CrMo or NiCrMo alloy steel for the types 3H, 3HX and S3/S4, entirely quenched up to a material tensile strength of 1000 N/mm2 (2H) – 1200 N/mm2 (3H, 3HS, 3HX and S3/S4 C-Hard®);
  • Highly wear resistant thanks to a special hardening process at the interlink point of contact with the chain (induction hardening); CICSA patented special treatment in the quality C-Hard®, which provides top hardness in the interlink points of contact with the chain together with maximum tensile strength;
  • Carefully tested to check its surface quality;

Heat treatments are selected to strengthen the fatigue resistance of the pieces; proof and breaking forces with closed chain shackle DIN 745 are equal or exceeding those of the largest chain with which they can be matched.

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