CICSA offers chain couplings GN, GV, GX and GZ for CICSA round steel link chains type LH

Chain couplings for round steel chains LH are made of NiCrMo alloy steel. Their breaking loads are higher than those of the corresponding chain strands and, thanks to a special machining and advanced heat treatments, they are high fatigue stress resistant.

CICSA chain couplings GX

Chain coupling GX

CICSA chain couplings GN

Chain coupling GN








In order to guarantee correct operation and satisfactory lifetime of the chain couplings, the assembly must be done setting them up in the correct position. The chain couplings type GN have to be set up in the way that they surround the wheel teeth, whereas the type GV have to be set up in the way that they lie vertically on the wheel between two teeth.

CICSA chain couplings GV

Chain coupling GV

The nuts of the type GN have to be locked by means of a dynamometrical wrench, with the locking torque provided in the assembly instructions, depending on the size of the coupling. The chain couplings type GV are simply assembled by fixing their locking plate in the correct position by means of two roll pins.

Special couplings GZ, made of special NiCrMo alloy steel, are designed for chain conveyors with CICSA chains LH and MH. They run vertically into toothed or pocket wheels.

Thanks to the special heat treatment C-Hard®, patented by CICSA, the special couplings GZ feature extremely high wear resistance in the interlink, together with top tensional stress resistance.

Easy assembly without any special tools.


Available with sizes and mechanical features compatible with chain LH or MH.