CICSA individual teeth for toothed wheels for CICSA round steel link chains LH

Individual teeth for toothed wheels for CICSA chains LH are made of special case hardened NiCrMo alloy steel.

The assembly of the teeth on the wheel hub is easy and rapid; should be done with two screws with nuts.

The screw, to be coupled with the larger hole of teeth type A and with both holes of teeth type B, is made of highly resistant alloy steel (at least quality 10.9 UNI EN ISO 898). It is specially manufactured to match the bore with strict dimensional tolerances according to DIN 609. The smaller diameter screw of the teeth type A must be quality 8.8 or above.

Contact CICSA about the tightening torque to be applied.


CICSA teeth for bucket elevators

CICSA teeth type A

CICSA teeth for bucket elevators

CICSA teeth type B











Teeth can be supplied with different hole positioning (size E). This allows the possibility to increase the wheel pitch line diameter of the wheel and to work with worn chains (for remarkably increased chain pitch over the nominal size), thus extending the useful life of the chain. The adjustment of the pitch is attained with radial shifting of the teeth up to 30 mm, depending on the size of the chain and on the number of the teeth of the wheel.