CICSA manufactures high quality round steel link chains, mechanical chains and forged chains, as well as attachments and components, for the cement and concrete industry

The cement and concrete industry is characterised by a tough need to effectively move bulk materials from off-load through clinker production, to packaging and shipping, in a safe, efficient and reliable manner throughout severe conditions that are typically abrasive, hot, dusty, caustic and corrosive.

CICSA skilled materials handling know-how in the cement and concrete industry ranges over a wide-range of bulk materials including quarry and raw material, minerals, clinker, cement, concrete, slag, coal, limestone, clay and many others.

CICSA manufactures a wide range of round steel link chains, mechanical chains, forged chains, sprockets, wheels, shackles, attachments and components for the cement industry and the concrete industry, as well as turn-key high-performing bucket elevators and scraper conveyors for a variety of industrial applications. Top resistance to wear and tear, high temperature, fatigue and high working load limits is one of the key product properties that makes it easy to meet any requirements and provide any solution in the industry.

CICSA chain conveyor for the cement and concrete industry