The history of CICSA begins in Northern Italy in 1941, when it was founded as a family owned manufacturing company. Over the years CICSA has developed into a leading chain manufacturer on the international market

The history of CICSA begins in Northern Italy, in Lecco, 45 km from Milan, where it was founded as a family-owned manufacturing company, in a province first in Italy in terms of Industrial Value added per capita, and in a territory with deep industrial roots characterised by a strong entrepreneurial propensity, particularly focused on the mechanical industry.

Throughout the years the company has turned into a world’s leading manufacturer of chain systems for bulk material handling solutions.

CICSA over the years

Founded by Luigi Campanari in 1941, CICSA was established in the heart of Lecco, in the “Seminario” neighbourhood. At the time, the manufacturing process was labour-intensive and entirely based on hand forging of hot iron links.

As the business grew, the company relocated to Beverate di Brivio in 1971, beginning in a new production hub, where CICSA developed a unique know-how through the years thanks to continuous research and development focused on flash butt welding and advanced heat treatments.
CICSA developed and implemented state-of-art production lines equipped with cutting-edge technologies designed to offer top quality, exceptional mechanical characteristics and complete traceability.

CICSA today

CICSA is now exporting its products to more than 60 countries all over the world, with a range of products that includes bucket elevators, conveyors and their components, with a product portfolio comprising a wide range of steel chains, such as round steel link chains (from dia. 10 to 42 mm), forged chains and mechanical chains, with all the corresponding attachments, chain shackles, connecting links, sprockets and wheels, designed to meet all capacity requirements.