CICSA manufactures bucket elevators and conveyors for bulk material handling, providing the most advanced solutions with a high level of engineering excellence

Bucket elevators

In several industries the need for a continuous, vertical transport of bulk materials, from powder to coarse-grained, from free flowing to cohesive consistence, can be satisfied by various types of  bucket elevators engineered and manufactured by CICSA.

We produce a wide range of bucket elevators according to DIN 15251 and other standards, single-chain and double-chain type or with central-chain, including both slow-speed bucket elevators with central discharge suitable for large-sized materials (lump up to 300 mm or even more), medium-speed bucket elevators generally used for medium-sized materials (40-80 mm lump) and fast-speed bucket elevators with peripheral discharge suitable for heavy-duty and materials with particular characteristics (high temperature, abrasiveness etc.).

Thanks to our skilled experience and know-how, CICSA is the right partner to upgrade, modify and enhance performances of existing machines as well.



Conveyors are one of the most reliable and effective solutions for continuous conveying of a wide variety of bulk materials, characterized by robust execution, great durability, low maintenance, and high potentiality in terms both of capacity and length.

CICSA conveyors are manufactured according to a modular design, and are suitable for continuous horizontal or steeply inclined transport, for fine and coarse-grained materials as well as for flowing and non-free-flowing (cohesive) materials.


 CICSA bucket elevators and conveyors at a glance

  • Modular construction technology
  • Robust execution
  • Skilled design for easy maintenance
  • High capacity
  • Long service life
  • Minimum operating expenses
  • Heavy-duty design: heat and wear-resistant, even with abrasive materials

CICSA bucket elevator