CICSA flat leg attachments MGP have been uniquely engineered to be used on the most demanding scraping conveyors

CICSA flat leg attachmentS MGPFlat leg attachments MGP are used for scraping conveyors, for applications with bulk materials (such as dust and ashes from incinerators). Depending on the type, they are suitable for chain ends DIN 764, chains LH or chains MH.

They are manufactured with the same pitch as the chain links with which they can be coupled and can work on suitable pocket wheels of spheroidal cast iron and on toothed wheels made of alloy steel. Flat leg attachments MGP are made of CrMo or NiCrMo alloy steel and integrally quenched in the type 2H. Additionally, the other types use a special hardening process in the area of contact with the chain link (induction hardening).

The attachments with shapes B, C, D and E (shown on the catalog page attached) are reinforced in the sliding areas (more subject to wear), while the connecting shackles type GP (also shown on the catalog page attached) have a single fixing hole and reduced length (dimension a) as shown in the table.