Mechanical chains CICSA

Mechanical chains

CICSA mechanical chains are synonymous of high quality, reliability, durability and safety. They cover a wide range of applications for any industry, especially those featuring heavy loads and harsh operating conditions.

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CICSA chains for submerged scraper conveyors

Chains for SSC conveyors

CICSA chains LH and MH, designed for submerged scraper conveyors, are carburized and specially heat-treated to achieve high resistance to wear and high tensile stress resistance.

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CICSA chain ends type DIN

Chain ends DIN

CICSA chain ends DIN, manufactured according to DIN standards, are well known for offering long-lasting solutions and reliable results in a number of material handling applications.

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CICSA catene per mulini QZ

Chains for QZ shredders

CICSA waste recycling chains are suitable for shredders and recycling granulators of most types, especially QZ shredders operating on electrical appliances, organic waste and biomass.

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